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PBWC’s Celebrations and Events

Sifu Moy Yee Hop's 72 Birthday Celebration

We are pleased to announce this year’s annual celebration in honor of Grandmaster Julian Cordero and the entire Moy Yee Hop Kung Fu Family!

Join us for a formal birthday dinner and celebration in downtown Lake Worth on May 22nd at 6:00 pm!

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  •  For Moy Yee Hop Family Members and their guests.
  •  Elegant Banquet for all to indulge in.
  • Plenty of food & fun.

Please join us in celebrating the birthday of the Patriarch to our Kung Fu family

Help us embody the values preserved by Chinese martial arts culture: loyalty, justice, and righteousness as we honor our beloved Sifu.

Formal banquet dinner and celebration:

Cana Restaurant Banner

Cana: Bar & Grill

604 Lake Avenue, Lake Worth Beach, Florida 33460, United States

*complimentary valet parking available*

Register Here: