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Palm Beach Wing Chun Kung Fu Grandmaster Lineage

Palm Beach Wing Chun Kung Fu specializes in martial arts and self-defense training in Palm Beach County, FL. We are dedicated to preserving and spreading this beautiful martial art in its purest and original form. This is so all students can carry on this classical and unique system of self-defense for generations to come.

Our Classical Ving Tsun Kung Fu Kwoon is located in Downtown Lake Worth, Florida. Our martial arts classes in the West Palm Beach area promote overall well-being. You will enjoy learning more about the Wing Chun System, Our Lineage, Grandmaster Moy Yee Hop, and much more!

Free Wing Chun Kung Fu Demonstrations/Orientations are by appointment only.  Please contact us to schedule by using our contact form or by calling 561-907-7598, see you there!

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Yip Man with student Moy Yat
Self Defense in West Palm Beach and Lake Worth Florida
lake worth kung fu wing chun palm beach
Muk Yan Jong Wooden Dummy Palm Beach Wing Chun
Sifu Julian Cordero Authentic Wing Chun Kung Fu
moy yat chi gurk statue
Yip Man yee gee kim yeung ma
Private martial arts classes in Palm Beach
Grandmaster Moy Yee Hop with Madame Helen Moy
moy yat horse wing chun kung fu
Grandmaster Moy Yee Hop in China
Grandmaster Moy Yat
Wing Chun Tan Sao and Punch
Grandmaster Yip Man
Grandmaster Moy Yee Hop's Office
Grandmaster Moy Yee Hop Julian Cordero
Front Door of Palm Beach Wing Chun

Our Locations

Lake Worth Wing Chun Jupiter Wing Chun – Boca Raton Wing Chun – Wellington Wing Chun – Ft. Lauderdale Wing ChunPalm City Wing ChunPort St. Lucie Wing Chun